Solid Waste & Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Twice per week garbage collection is from April 1st thru October 31st.

Once per week garbage collection begins November 1 through March 31st. If your regular pick-up is Monday & Thursday, (District 1) during this once a week schedule, you will be picked up only on Thursdays.
If your regular pick-up is Tuesday and Friday, (District 2) during this once a week schedule, you will be picked up only on Friday.
 There will be no container limit during this time only.

1. Solid Waste Collection: Monday & Thursday
 Recycling Collection: Commingled 1st & 3rd Wednesday homeside.
 Newspapers and cardboard  1st  & 3rd Wednesday curbside.
 Curbside Bulk/Trash Pickup: 1st Saturday (NO RECYCLING)

2. Solid Waste Collection: Tuesday & Friday
 Recycling Collection: Commingled 2nd & 4th Wednesday homeside.
 Newspapers and cardboard 2nd & 4th Wednesday curbside.
 Curbside Bulk/Trash Pickup: 2nd Saturday (NO RECYCLING)

Recycling and Solid Waste should be out for pick up by 7:00 am on your scheduled days. 


  A-$146.00 PER QUARTER                   B-$153.00 PER QUARTER


Academy Road: 2,B
Ackerman Avenue: 1,A
Addison Place: 1,A
Arbor Drive: 1,A
Ardmore Road: 1,A
Arrow Lane: 2,B
Barnett Place: 1,A
Beechwood Road: 1,A
Bernard Place: 1,A
Birch Lane: 2,B
Blanchfield Court: 1,A
Blauvelt Avenue : 1,A
Bogert Road: 2,B
Boiling Spring Road: 2,B
Braeburn Road: 1,A
Brandywine Road: 2,A
Bridle Way: 2,B
Brookside Avenue: 1,A
Brookview Court: 2,B
Brownstone Way: 2,B
Carlton Avenue: 1,A
Chestnut Place: 1,A
Clearwater Drive: 2,B
Cleverdon Road: 2,A
Cliff Street: 1,A
Conifer Lane: 2,B
Copper Beech: 2,B
Crescent Place: 1,A
Deerhill Drive: 2,B
Dogwood Lane: 2,A
Duncan Road: 1,A
East Franklin Turnpike: 1,A
Eastgate Road: 2,B
East Saddle River Road: 2,B
Edgewood Drive: 1,A
Elmwood Avenue: 1,A
Enos Place: 1,A
Fairlawn Street: 1,A
Ferris Court: 1,A
First Street: 1,A
Fox Run: 2,B
Garden Court: 1,A
Gilbert Road: 1,A
Glendon Road: 1,A
Gordon Road: 1,A
Hollis Drive: 1,A
Hollywood Ave: 1,A  (West of Route 17)
Hollywood Ave: 2, A     (East of Route 17)
Hollywood Place: 1,A
Jacquelin Avenue: 2,B
Jacob Road: 2,B
Knollwood Drive: 1,A
Lakewood Avenue: 1,A
Linden Road: 1,A
Lloyd Road: 1,A 
Marion Court: 2,A
Mill Road: 2,B
Normandy Court: 2,A
North Franklin Turnpike: 1,A
North Maple Avenue: 1,A
North Saddle Brook Drive: 2,B
Orvil Court: 1,A
Paddock Road: 2,B
Pinecrest Road: 1,A
Pitcairn Avenue: 2,A
Powderhorn Road: 2,B
Prescott Road: 2,A
Racetrack Road (West of Route 17): 1,A
Racetrack Road (East of Route 17): 2,A
Riverview Lane: 2,B
Ross Place: 1,A
Saddle Brook Drive: 2,B
Saddle Ridge Road: 2,B
Sargent Road: 1,A
Sheridan Avenue: 1,A
Sherwood Road: 1,A
Sleepy Hollow Drive: 2,A
Spruce Place: 1,A
Stone Ridge Lane: 1,A
Stouts Lane: 1,A
Stratford Lane: 2,B
Sutton Drive: 1,A
Sycamore Avenue: 1,A
Timberline Road: 2,B
Valley Forge Way: 2,A
Van Dyke Drive: 2,A
Valley Stream Lane: 2,B
Warren Avenue: 1,A
Washington Avenue: 2,A
Wayne Court: 2,A
Wearimus Road: 2,B
Westbrook Road: 2,B
West Saddle River Rd: 2,A